9781871676952-Soul Winner, The: Advice on Effective Evangelism-Spurgeon, Charles Haddon

Soul Winner, The: Advice on Effective Evangelism

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Spurgeon, Charles Haddon | Christian Heritage


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Spurgeon was one of the most effective evangelists of all time. Under his ministry, Victorian London saw revival on a scale never seen since. Yet Spurgeon would be the first to point the finger away from himself to the true author of repentance and reformation - he realised that without God at work, he could do nothing.

Here is a collection of his lectures and talks to take people away from human-inspired gimmicks and to depend on God to work in their lives and ministry.

"... full of the pith, humour and wisdom one expects of Spurgeon... it was to God that Spurgeon looked and expected blessing and that he received it... This is a book to relish and enjoy, and then to apply, under the earnest seeking for the blessing of God, to today's world."
- The English Churchman

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