9781871676808-70 Great Christians: The Story of the Christian Church-Hanks, Geoffrey

70 Great Christians: The Story of the Christian Church

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Hanks, Geoffrey | Christian Focus


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From the first century to the present, Christians have been changing the world! In this fascinating account of the lives of 70 Christians, you'll discover how belief in Jesus inspired ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. From Paul to Martin Luther, Elizabeth Fry to Corrie ten Boom, you'll be moved by their courage and strengthened in your own spiritual journey.

God says that he will "choose the foolish things of this world to confound the wise" and so here we find people who are prepared to stand up to the spirit of the age and become fools for Christ's sake.

This is a useful resource book for pastors, teachers and schools. More than that, it is a well written and comprehensive collection of biographies of those people who have given all (sometimes mistakenly) for the God they sought to serve.

Includes plenty of pictures, maps and charts.

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