9781860248283-My Seventh Monsoon: A Himalayan Journey of Faith & Mission-Reed, Naomi

My Seventh Monsoon: A Himalayan Journey of Faith & Mission

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Reed, Naomi | Authentic Media


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"The seventh monsoon was the hardest of them all. I sat on the back porch of our Himalayan home and stared as the rain streamed down all around me. I had never felt so hemmed in - by the constant rain, by the effects of the civil war and by the demands of home-school. As I sat there and listened to the pounding on our tin roof, I wondered whether I would make it through. I wondered whether I would cope with another 120 days of rain. And in doing so, I began to long for another season..."?

From the viewpoint of her seventh monsoon, Naomi Reed takes time to look back on the seasons of her life, sharing with us her journey of faith and mission. As she does so, she reveals poignant truths about God and the way He works His purposes in our lives through seasons.

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