9781857928365-Lightkeepers: Ten Boys Who Made History-Howat, Irene

Lightkeepers: Ten Boys Who Made History

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Howat, Irene | CF4K


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These Christian stalwarts were once young boys playing games, learning from mistakes and growing up in quite a different world. But was it that different?

Find out how:
- Samuel Rutherford showed people that love works better than fear
- John Owen made friends with powerful rulers and humble craftsmen
- Jonathan Edwards helped the Iroquois Indians and then was asked to teach at Princeton
- George Whitefield preached salvation to thousands and saved the lives of children
- Robert Murray McCheyne lost his brother but found Jesus
- Dwight L Moody sold shoes in a shop and then taught children in a caravan
- Billy Sunday played professional baseball and then preached the gospel
- Charles Spurgeon became a Christian in a snowstorm and then told the world about Jesus
- Aiden Tozer rescued orphan lambs and then he was saved by Jesus
- Martyn Lloyd Jones became a doctor but found a better medicine for souls

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