9781857927894-Children in Revival: 300 Years of God's Work in Scotland-Sprange, Harry

Children in Revival: 300 Years of God's Work in Scotland

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Sprange, Harry | Christian Focus


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Children in Revival tells the stories of children, some as young as four years old, who have been involved in revivals in Scotland over three centuries. Whole communities and indeed nations have been influenced by the power of God at special outpourings of his Spirit.

"...exciting and inspirational: it relates to what God has done through children in bygone years. May God's Spirit revisit this generation of children to initiate another revival."?
- David Iliffe, Founder and President of Children Worldwide

"A book that has moved me from the position of believing that 'God can' to a point where I realised that 'God does.'"
- Graham Reed, CrossBow Ministries

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