9781857926101-Trailblazers: Lights in Lisuland: Isobel Kuhn-Howat, Irene

Trailblazers: Lights in Lisuland: Isobel Kuhn

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Howat, Irene | CF4K


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Isobel Kuhn wasn't always a missionary - she wasn't always a Christian. Her teachers discouraged a belief in God and promoted evolution. Isobel sometimes doubted whether there was anybody there at all to hear her prayers. "They don't go beyond the ceiling you know," she once said to her father who was desperately praying for his young daughter.

Discover what brought this questioning, antagonistic teenager from doubts to faith in Christ. Find out how she affected the lives of countless people on the mission field of China and Thailand. This stirring and challenging story of faith is a role model to young people everywhere.

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