9781857925517-On the Way for 9-11s: Book 01-Jackman, David (editor)

On the Way for 9-11s: Book 01

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Jackman, David (editor) | CF4K


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Do you want to encourage children to read the Bible? Do you want children to realise that the Bible is God's guide for them and is relevant, exciting and dynamic?

On the Way is designed to teach your children God's Word simply and effectively, and is flexible enough to suit a wide variety of situations. The lessons are grouped in series, each of which is introduced by a series overview stating the aims of the series, the lesson aim for each week and an appropriate memory verse. Every lesson also has study notes to enable the teacher to understand the Bible passage, suggested visual aids where appropriate and an activity for the children to do at home.

In book 1 for 9-11s, lessons include Psalms, In the Beginning - God, New Beginnings from John's Gospel, and Christmas Prophecies Fulfilled.

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