9781857925395-When Grace Comes Home: How the Doctrines of Grace Change Your Life-Johnson, Terry L.

When Grace Comes Home: How the Doctrines of Grace Change Your Life

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Johnson, Terry L. | Christian Focus


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Most of the major Protestant church groupings of today look back to founders who were essentially Calvinistic in their beliefs. However, despite its widespread influence, there is little understanding of the tradition or its practical importance. How does Calvinism affect the way you view worship, humility, adversity, outlook, evangelism, holiness, assurance, liberty, prayer, guidance and living faith?

In this book, Terry Johnson illuminates the practical implications of Calvinism and how God's grace changes every aspect of your life.

"With much practical wisdom and help for Christian thinking and living, this book makes good application of good theology."?
- W. Robert Godfrey, President, Westminster Seminary in California, Escondido, California

"Rarely can the vitamin content of sweet, strong, classic pastoral Calvinism have been made so plain and palatable as it is here."?
- J. I. Packer, Author and Board of Governors' Professor of Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada

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