9781857925180-Teaching the Christian Hope: Unlocking Biblical Eschatology for the Bible Teacher-Jackman, David

Teaching the Christian Hope: Unlocking Biblical Eschatology for the Bible Teacher

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Jackman, David | Christian Focus


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What does the future hold? The world is lacking in any real hope. Our culture is characterised by blind people hurtling headlong into hedonism - making sure that all the right boxes of experience are ticked before we die. What can the church offer?

This book sets out to enable us to teach with clarity and purpose what will happen in the 'End Times.' There are six major themes connected with the Christian hope in the future. Each chapter uses one or two key passages that explain one of the major themes of eschatology and then covers the main elements that need to be answered within that theme. Each chapter is clearly divided into 'teachable' sections with headings and sub-headings.

"The Teaching series is a great resource for Bible study leaders and pastors, indeed for any Christian who wants to understand their Bible better."?
- Mark Dever, Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church and President, 9Marks.org, Washington, DC

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