9781857925104-And Then There Were Nine: How to Live Up to the Ten Commandments-Searle, David

And Then There Were Nine: How to Live Up to the Ten Commandments

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Searle, David | Christian Focus


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There has been an erosion of the role of the Ten Commandments in the life of today's church due to pressures from both outside and inside the church. From outside the church, the post-modern world-view regards regulations that restrict personal choice as old fashioned. From inside the church, ideas have gained ground that the Ten Commandments have been superseded by other commandments from Jesus.

David Searle clearly shows the distinctions between the Ten Commandments and other Old Testament law. He demonstrates that there is a role for the Ten Commandments in the life of a believer, explains the background to each of them, what they mean for you today, and how they are there for you to enjoy the Christian life.

"... challenging, very practical, and is a timely reminder to our age that Christianity is all about worshipping and revering a God who is holy and has the best interests of his creatures at heart."
George Macaskill, Stornoway, The Rutherford Journal of Church Ministry

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