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History Makers: Richard Baxter: The Pastor's Pastor

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Baxter, Richard | Christian Focus


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Baxter was one of the most influential of the Puritans. Despite being such a prolific author, he also exercised an exemplary pastoral ministry, preached to Oliver Cromwell and Charles II, and was hounded by the authorities.

During his pastorate at Kidderminster in England, he and one assistant were catechising 800 hundred families per year by taking them in groups of 14 or 15 families on Mondays and Tuesdays. On Thursdays, Baxter acted as an informal judge, settling forms of conscience. The effect on the community was such that 'the jails in Kidderminster were empty' at this time.

This autobiography of Baxter is fascinating because you can read the thoughts behind his plans, actions and concerns. Not only do you get an insight into the Puritan mind but also a survey of the society.

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