9781850784456-True Worship: What is the Nature of True Christian Worship-Roberts, Vaughan

True Worship: What is the Nature of True Christian Worship

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Roberts, Vaughan | Authentic Media


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What is the nature of true worship? What are we actually doing when we meet together for 'church' on Sundays? And how does that connect with what we do the rest of the week?

Vaughan Roberts brings readers back to the Bible in order to define what worship is and isn't, and what it should and shouldn't be. While we may struggle to define worship by arguing about whether we should sing hymns with the organ, or modern songs with guitars and drums, or about the place of certain spiritual gifts, Roberts suggests we are asking the wrong questions. For true worship is more than this - it encompasses the whole of life.

This book challenges us to worship God every day of the week, with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.

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