9781848717183-Knowing God and Ourselves: Reading Calvin's Institutes Devotionally-Calhoun, David B.

Knowing God and Ourselves: Reading Calvin's Institutes Devotionally

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The goal of this book is to help students of Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion to better understand what they are reading, and to encourage them to persist in working through this important but challenging book.

Calvin intended the Institutes to be a guide in reading Scripture and a theological companion to his commentaries. Above all, he wanted his readers to respond to biblical truth with love for God and obedient lives. The subtitle of this book is Reading Calvin's Institutes Devotionally. Reading the Institutes devotionally is not merely one way of reading Calvin's book - it is the only way to read it.

In each chapter of this book, the relevant sections to be read in the Institutes are clearly indicated. The reading assignments are from the McNeill-Battles edition of the 1559 Institutes; but if one prefers to use the briefer but ample 1541 French edition of the Institutes (translated by Robert White), the relevant chapter and page numbers for that edition have also been added.

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