9781848717152-Mysteries of Christianity, The: Revealed Truths Expounded and Defended-Crawford, T. J.

Mysteries of Christianity, The: Revealed Truths Expounded and Defended

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Mystery' is a biblical word that over the years has been reduced in meaning - taking on an atmosphere very different to the sense in which it was used in Scripture. It is important therefore in opening these pages to realise that in discussing Christianity's mysteries, T.J. Crawford is dealing with realities that can be known by us only if God himself reveals them. They come to us recorded in the pages of Scripture, not as a result of our own abilities to engage in reasoning.

Thus, this book is an exposition and defence of Christianity as a supernatural, Trinitarian faith - at the heart of which lie the mysteries of the incarnation, the atonement, the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit, and the marvels of divine providence.

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