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Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, The

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"Wherever Christianity has become a living power, the doctrine of the Holy Spirit has uniformly been regarded, equally with the atonement and justification by faith, as the article of the standing or falling church..."?
- George Smeaton

The doctrine of the Holy Spirit formed the capstone of George Smeaton's teaching. Handling his subject under three divisions, Smeaton treats first the testimony to the Holy Spirit as it is progressively revealed in Scripture. Secondly, he gives detailed attention to six subjects concerning the Spirit. Finally, there is a historical survey of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit from the Apostolic age.

"Page after page glows with the ardour of a preacher who is enamoured of his theme... The truth is so real to his own experience that he cares little for unprofitable controversies."?
- C.H. Spurgeon

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