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Doctrine of Justification, The

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The doctrine of Justification by faith is like Atlas: it bears a world on its shoulders - the entire evangelical knowledge of saving grace. The doctrines of election, of effectual calling, regeneration, repentance, adoption, prayer, the church, the ministry, and the sacraments, all have to be interpreted and understood in the light of justification by faith. When justification falls, all true knowledge of the grace of God falls with it, and then as Luther said, the church itself falls.

"James Buchanan's The Doctrine of Justification remains the single most important work on justification by faith alone since the Reformation itself... I am very thankful for this new edition and I encourage a new generation of Christians to read this book, study it carefully, and teach its truth boldly."
- Albert Mohler

"This masterful work by James Buchanan... is the gold standard on the doctrine of justification... Here is the definitive treatment of this cornerstone truth at every level: historically, biblically, theologically, and polemically."?
- Steve Lawson

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