9781848716698-Every Promise of Your Word: The Gospel According to Joshua-Dodson, Rhett P.

Every Promise of Your Word: The Gospel According to Joshua

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Dodson, Rhett P. | Banner of Truth


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From encampment on the eastern banks of the Jordan River to dramatic victories, a critical setback, and eventual settlement, the book of Joshua recounts key events in redemptive history. These events mark the fulfillment of God's gracious word, demonstrate Israel's weaknesses, and highlight the Lord's fidelity to every promise He had made. His covenant faithfulness reminds us that He is a God who can be trusted. His covenant fulfillment, in turn, points us to a greater Joshua, the Lord Jesus Christ.

In Every Promise of Your Word, learn anew to rely on the God who keeps His every promise and see Jesus as He is revealed in the Scriptures of the Old Testament.

"The book of Joshua is a promise of hope and a call to repentance that the church needs to hear. With faithful interpretation, holy imagination, skillful illustration, and spiritual illumination, Dodson opens up the biblical text so that we see not just ancient Israel, but ourselves and the Lord Jesus. This book is an ideal companion for personal devotion or family worship."?
- Joel Beeke

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