9781848716551-Child in the Manger: The True Meaning of Christmas-Ferguson, Sinclair B.

Child in the Manger: The True Meaning of Christmas

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Ferguson, Sinclair B. | Banner of Truth


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What is Christmas? For many it is a time for holidays, parties, family gatherings, gifts, meals together, music and special events. For others it can mean unwanted pressure, an increased sense of loneliness, family squabbles, and crowded shops. But what is Christmas really all about? Does it actually have any 'meaning'? This book sets out to explore that question.

"The best story ever told in the best possible way. Cumulatively, these chapters provide rich, rewarding and revitalizing expositions that form a perfect addition to a truly Christian - Christ-centered - Christmas."?
- Derek W.H. Thomas

"Full of thoughtful exposition, solid theology, winsome gospel presentation, and worshipful adoration of its glorious Subject. Sinclair Ferguson just may be my very favorite pastor-theologian, and this book illustrates why. A sheer delight to read and to recommend. Read and enjoy the Christmas story as for the first time!"?
- Fred G. Zaspel

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