9781848716155-Scottish Theology: in relation to church history-Macleod, John

Scottish Theology: in relation to church history

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Originally delivered as lectures to students at Westminster Theological Seminary, Scottish Theology traces the development of theological thought as it was worked out in the life of the church in Scotland after the Reformation.

John Macleod, in no way neglecting the details or the personalities involved, recounts it in such a way as to draw attention to the broad themes and the big principles that were at stake in the debates and controversies which took place amidst ongoing changes in the realms of church and state.

At one level, Macleod's narrative is an historical document in itself. But it is much more significant than a mere historical source. The issues documented - the relationship between church and state; the authority of Scripture; the nature of the atonement; intra-church conflict; the persecution of Christians; the church's missionary responsibility - all have a resounding contemporary significance.

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