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PP None But Jesus: Selections from the writings of John Flavel

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C. H. Spurgeon said of Richard Sibbes, "He scatters pearls and diamonds with both hands,"? and the same could be said of another well-known Puritan, John Flavel. Flavel's writings are full of pearls and diamonds. Here is one example: "Christ is bread to the hungry, water to the thirsty, a garment to the naked, healing to the wounded, and whatever a soul can desire is found in him."?

This little book is full of thought-provoking quotations drawn from Flavel's writings. Most focus on Jesus Christ, but they also include topics such as providence, conversion, suffering, heaven and glory.

"To read the work of a Puritan doctor of the soul is to enter a rich world of spiritual theology to feed the mind, heart-searching analysis to probe the conscience, Christ-centred grace to transform the heart, and wise counsel to direct the life. This series of Pocket Puritans provides all this in miniature, but also in abundance."?
- Sinclair B. Ferguson

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