9781848712782-Finding Peace With God: Justification Explained-Roberts, Maurice

Finding Peace With God: Justification Explained

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Roberts, Maurice | Banner of Truth


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Justification. Just another piece of theological jargon, or a vital teaching which may be compared to the very door by which the Christian faith is entered?

Picture the scene: Almighty God, the perfectly just Judge, is seated in his great High Court of Justice. The Christian believer, trusting in Christ, stands before him. The sentence is passed; the gavel bangs down - 'Not guilty!' How this verdict is reached touches the very heart of the gospel message and shows the amazing extent of the grace that God has shown to us by sending his Son to take the punishment for our sin.

Do you want to grow in your knowledge of the character of God? Do you want to see others around you at peace with him? Then work to acquire a solid grasp of this wonderful doctrine. As the author asks: Is anything in this life half as important as this one thing: to be freely justified by God's grace?

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