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Let's Study Colossians and Philemon

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Although what has become known as the 'Colossian problem' was tied to a particular place and time, the issues happening in Colossae in 60 A.D. have surfaced again and again throughout the ages. Furthermore, Paul's little letter to Philemon is intimately connected to Colossians, and some of what Paul had broadly set out to the Colossians is developed in detail in his letter to Philemon, who was a member of that church.

Let's Study Colossians and Philemon will help readers to see the horizons of both letters as extending to the church of all ages. Paul shows us that the acid test of the spiritual health of a church is whether or not Christ is at its heart - not just in some vague and general sense, but Christ in all his glory as he is set before us in God's Word.

"Mark Johnston's Let's Study Colossians and Philemon is packed tight with informed insight, clear and concise summaries of otherwise complex issues, and relevant and wide-ranging application."?
- Derek Thomas

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