9781848711754-History of Providence, The: As Manifested in Scripture-Carson, Alexander

History of Providence, The: As Manifested in Scripture

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Alexander Carson lived in an age in which the dominant philosophy of the times sought to replace the knowledge of the personal, sovereign and provident God of Scripture with a 'more intelligent belief' in the impersonal laws of nature. If God exists - and that was a big 'if' - then he is a God who is far removed from the events of every-day life.

However, truth and Scripture teach that all physical laws have their effect from the immediate agency of God's almighty power. In his works of providence, God preserves and governs all his creatures and all their actions. 'In him we live, and move, and have our being' (Acts 17:28).

Although Christians recognise this doctrine of Providence, they tend to overlook it in practice. In so doing they lose, in a great measure, that advantage which a constant and deep impression of this truth is calculated to give. In this book, Alexander Carson takes the reader through the Scriptures and points to instances of God's providence that will provide comfort for all true believers.

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