9781848710641-Day's March Nearer Home, A: Autobiography of J. Graham Miller-Miller, J. Graham

Day's March Nearer Home, A: Autobiography of J. Graham Miller

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Seldom is a day of national mourning appointed for an evangelical, as happened in Vanuatu on the death of Graham Miller in 2008. He had contributed to the nation's history, and elsewhere - especially in New Zealand and Australia - the lives of individuals and churches were changed by his ministry.

Many were his roles during 94 years: lawyer, missionary, preacher, author and intercessor. His great aim was to point others to Jesus Christ, and so winsomely did he do this that the influence extended far beyond the southern hemisphere.

His personal experiences cannot be read without a deepening appreciation of what the Christian life really means. The approval of God, and faithfulness to Scripture, were Graham Miller's first concerns, and his autobiography will surely stir the same ambitions in others.

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