9781846251733-No Longer Two: A Christian Guide for Engagement and Marriage-Edwards, Brian; Edwards, Barbara

No Longer Two: A Christian Guide for Engagement and Marriage

Product Code: 9781846251733

Edwards, Brian; Edwards, Barbara | Day One Publications


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With more than one in three marriages ending in divorce the institution is more under threat than ever. One disappointing fact is that divorce among Christians is at its highest ever. To combat this, churches now offer pre-marital counselling for engaged couples. Some clergy now refuse to marry a couple unless they have taken such a course. No Longer Two is a highly acclaimed marriage preparation guide. This book offers an exciting way of working together to build a strong marriage based upon the clear teaching and common sense of the Bible. Whether or not you are familiar with the Bible, you will find this an easy-to-use guideperfect for individuals and groups alike.

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