9781846251702-Evolution: Good Science: Exposing the Ideological Nature of Darwin's Theory-Statham, Dominic

Evolution: Good Science: Exposing the Ideological Nature of Darwin's Theory

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Statham, Dominic | Day One Publications


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Darwin's theory of evolution is often presented as scientifically proven fact - in schools, universities and by the media. Belief in the biblical act of creation has been relegated to the domain of myth, and many have now been led to understand that it has no place in real science. Few are aware, however, that there are very serious problems with Darwin's theory.

Using plain English, Dominic Statham explains the main arguments presented by evolutionists in support of their theory and shows that these have major flaws. He argues that much of the scientific data can actually be seen to be consistent with a biblical account of creation and history. The reader is encouraged to hold fast to the Bible as the true revelation of God, his creation and his dealings with mankind.

"... well written and illustrated in a style that clearly explains the problems with evolution - its history and current popularity - and offers a cogent alternative."?
- Dr. R. Terry Spohn, Professor of Biology and Associate Director of Creation Studies, Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia, US

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