9781845508227-How God Changes People: Conversion Stories from the Bible-Mackenzie, Carine

How God Changes People: Conversion Stories from the Bible

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Mackenzie, Carine | CF4K


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A sneaky little thief meets Jesus and then he starts giving away his money instead - that's Zacchaeus. A ruthless thug chases down Christians but after a run in with the risen Lord, he joins forces with the people he once hated - that's Paul. A young woman sits on the river bank, when she hears the Word of God, a quiet change warms her heart and another sinner is saved, a life changed and an eternity secured - that's Lydia.

These people and others in this book were all changed by God through his Word. We can read about them in his Word - the Bible.

"Engagingly written, and beautifully illustrated, How God changes People is a book every family enjoy."
- Sinclair B. Ferguson, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina

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