9781845508081-Teaching 1 Timothy: From Text to Message-Macleay, Angus

Teaching 1 Timothy: From Text to Message

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Macleay, Angus | Christian Focus


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An outstanding resource; essential reading for all looking to study, teach and feed on 1 Timothy. After Angus Macleay's outstanding contribution on 1 Peter his new book on 1 Timothy does not disappoint - the same excellent standard is maintained. Difficulties are faced. Practical application is realistic.' If the growing feminisation of the church is to be challenged and men encouraged to step up and take the lead, then we need 1 Timothy to be preached, taught and modelled in our churches. The task of moving from the text of Scripture to clear and faithful exposition is challenging. This series of excellent guides aims to help the Bible teacher to observe what is there in the text, and prepare to convey its significance to contemporary hearers.

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