9781845507886-Trailblazers: Saved from the Deepest Pit: Billy Bray-Bentley, Michael

Trailblazers: Saved from the Deepest Pit: Billy Bray

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Bentley, Michael | CF4K


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When the earth started to shake and the rocks fell Billy Bray knew that his life was in danger. When you're down a mine shaft, digging for tin, in the dark, damp tunnels... a rock fall could kill you.

Mining in the 1800s was dangerous, it still is today - it was a hard life for little pay and safety measures were few and far between. Surviving that rock fall started Billy Bray on a different path. The jovial, happy-go-lucky guy who made fun of everything - even God - suddenly realised that he had a soul, that he was a sinner, and that he was in danger of spending eternity in the deepest pit there was - hell.

However, God's plan for Billy was not to leave him in his sin and misery. Billy Bray discovers true happiness in Jesus Christ and his legacy to the Cornish people included lively preaching, newly built chapels and true revivals. Billy was saved from the deepest pit - and went on to tell others that they can also be saved from their sin.

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