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Matthew Henry: His Life and Influence

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Matthew Henry (1662-1714) is highly-valued by contemporary preachers and Bible users. Here in this book, we get a closer look at the life of Matthew Henry by an author who has had a life-long interest in Matthew Henry and his writings.

Matthew Henry was the son of a Puritan pastor who had been silenced by the government of the time. Nevertheless, his father Philip Henry was a godly man who reared his family on Christian principles and Matthew followed the Lord from an early age. Eventually, he became a Presbyterian pastor in Chester in 1687 and later in London from 1712. It is astonishing to note the amount of preaching and writing that he accomplished despite suffering from ill-health and knowing intense sorrow in his family life.

"To anyone who can read this brilliant biography without being humbled, challenged, inspired and motivated to 'press on toward the goal', I have only one thing to say - read it again. I am struggling to think of any biography that has spoken so clearly to me and it would be impossible for me to commend it too highly."
- John Blanchard, Internationally known Christian preacher, teacher, apologist and author

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