9781845507763-FOTB Ecclesiastes: The Philippians of the Old Testament-Barrick, William D.

FOTB Ecclesiastes: The Philippians of the Old Testament

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Barrick, William D. | Christian Focus


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What is the purpose of life? The preacher in Ecclesiastes, just like many today, is in search of life's meaning. However, as they look through their limited worldview all they find is "vanity, vanity". Pure emptiness! They are in search for something which will have eternal value.

To find it, we need to look beyond ourselves. This is what the preacher discovers; that man is powerless, yet God has a design and purpose for all things. He is the giver of all life.

In this book we are given clear teaching about the doctrine of God as well as the doctrines of mankind, salvation and future judgment. We find that God is the giver, sustainer and purpose of our life on this earth and in eternity to come.

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