9781845507299-Children and the Lord's Supper-Waters, Guy Prentiss; Duncan, Ligon (Editors)

Children and the Lord's Supper

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Waters, Guy Prentiss; Duncan, Ligon (Editors) | Mentor Books


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What age is it okay for a child to partake in the Lord's supper? This book takes a constructive look at the doctrine of paedo-communion as defined: "as the admittance of a covenant child to the Lord's Supper on the basis of his descent from at least one professing Christian parent." Looking at this doctrine, these essays will provide food for thought across the various disciplines such as Biblical, theological, historical and pastoral.

"Honest, persuasive, yet irenic, this compilation of essays puts to bed infant communion's errant theologizing and exposes the ecclesiologically hazardous results of its practice. But the authors have done much more than polemicize. They have served a positively edifying and nourishing meal for the Church on the theology and practice of the Lord's Table."?
- David B. Garner, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary

"This is a careful guide around a difficult subject, full of pastoral insight and biblical teaching."?
- Iain D. Campbell, (1953-2017) Minister, Point Free Church of Scotland, Isle of Lewis

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