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Gospel of God, The: Romans

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Paul's epistle to the Romans has been influential at critical moments in church history: the conversion of Augustine in the early church; influencing Martin Luther and John Calvin during the Protestant Reformation; changing the lives of George Whitfield and John Wesley in the evangelical revival of the eighteenth century.

However, it is not only those who have become leaders in the church who have been affected by the book of Romans; ordinary Christians have been influenced as well - including today. One reason is because in Romans, Paul clearly sets out a theological framework for us to understand the Christian faith. It is a comprehensive description of the way that God offers salvation to humankind - and it is 'Good News'.

"It was no accident that the Reformers, Luther and Calvin, each wrote the first two of their many Bible commentaries on Romans and the Psalms. The Church today evidences its great need of massive doses of the truths of Romans... You will find this book a great tonic for your soul."
- David Cook, Retired Principal, Sydney Missionary and Bible College, Sydney, Australia

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