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Planting for the A Hands-On Guide to Church Planting

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Beynon, Graham | Christian Focus


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To some, planting a church seems an impossible dream; others have entirely unrealistic ideals of how easily it can be done. This helpful guide recognises that no church starts out the same and there are several different models that can be followed.

Coming from an author with real experience and including real-world case studies from a wide range of settings, this is a tremendously practical and helpful introduction to planting a church. It will lay the foundations for a church, made up of Christians committed to one another; praying, learning and growing together; and seeking to be healthy, flourishing and biblically-grounded.

"The goal of Planting for the Gospel is that Jesus would use us to build His church for His glory... This resource is very helpful for mother churches to think strategically about planting a daughter church and also for young pastors to explore their calling in following the will of God as bearer of God's mission to people of all nations."
- Scott Thomas, President, Acts 29 Network

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