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Mentor Hosea

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Mackay, John L. | Mentor


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At the time of Hosea, it appears that life is going well for God's people and the Northern Kingdom had been going through a time of great economic stability and security. However, this does not lead the people of Israel to give thanks to the Lord who is the provider of such blessings, but rather they fall straight into the arms of the heathen idol Baal.

Hosea brings an uncomfortable yet vital message to warn them of impending judgment if they do not return to Yahweh, the one true God. Hosea shows that despite their unfaithfulness, God's constant love and perfect judgment, when put together, restores his relationship with his people.

This prophecy is a book of hope for us today because it reminds us of God's unfailing and faithful love for his people down through the ages even when they fail and fall so badly. Here is grace indeed!

"John L. Mackay's Mentor commentary on Hosea is a rare thing: a commentary that is both scholarly and readable. The engagement with the text is thorough without ever getting over-complicated while the prose is consistently clear and vibrant."?
- Tim Chester, The Porterbrook Network and The Crowded House, Sheffield, UK

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