9781845506131-JDAS Jungle Doctor Meets Mongoose-White, Paul

JDAS Jungle Doctor Meets Mongoose

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White, Paul | CF4K


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"He has an animal under his shirt and he says he won't stay in hospital unless that animal stays too."? Thus we meet Hwikwi the mongoose for the first time! Mind you, it's almost the last - the story of mongoose nearly finishes before it gets properly started, if it weren't for Elephant's powerful medicine.

If you want to find out why Elephant was burying the pink stuff from the Masumu tree, or how Python got his bulge or Goon the baboon got the bump on his head, not to mention how Rhino's ill-tempered relative got a very sore nose indeed, then you're going to have to read this new collection of Jungle Doctor's larger-than-life animal fables!

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