9781845506124-JDAS Jungle Doctor's Rhino Rumblings-White, Paul

JDAS Jungle Doctor's Rhino Rumblings

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White, Paul | CF4K


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Rhino bored holes in the clear morning air with his large spiky horn, and a deep rumble came from inside him, "I am big, I am strong, I am important. I AM RHINO!"' And so Jungle Doctor's latest all-too-human animal creation makes his entrance!

He begins by carving his own private motorway through the jungle - until, the-elephant-that-isn't gets in the way! Poor Rhino! He seems to be blessed with the gift of not only making trouble for himself and everybody else, but getting into it as well!

A large, self-opinionated, grumpy lump of trouble, looking for somewhere to happen, Rhino eventually discovers that there are problems that can't be brushed aside with a sharp horn or a hefty shoulder!

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