9781845506070-Rich: The Reality of Encountering Jesus-Dickson, Peter and Gibson, David

Rich: The Reality of Encountering Jesus

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Dickson, Peter and Gibson, David | Christian Focus


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What does it mean to belong to God's family? Consider the gospel of Luke which introduces us to Jesus, the most important man who ever lived. This book demonstrates that encountering Jesus is a matter of urgency for all people everywhere. The Gospel of Luke is applied to a 21st century audience using contemporary illustrations including the recent financial crisis.

"Peter Dickson has succeeded in transporting his readers from Aberdeen to the shores of Galilee in this vivid account of Dr Luke's impeccably researched biography of Jesus. But I must confess that this journey comes with a health warning - as we look at Jesus we'll discover much more about ourselves."
- Rico Tice, Author, Christianity Explored

"This is one of the best books of its kind that I have seen. It brings the familiar chapters of Luke's Gospel into the arena of the Twenty First Century, and makes the Christian faith real and relevant."?
- Eric Alexander, Conference speaker and formerly minister St George's Tron, Glasgow for 20 years.

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