9781845505608-Little Lights: John Calvin: What Is the Truth-Mackenzie, Catherine

Little Lights: John Calvin: What Is the Truth

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Mackenzie, Catherine | CF4K


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The true story of John Calvin and the Reformation.

What do you do when you want to find out if something is true or not? Is there someone you can trust to tell you the truth?

When John Calvin was a young boy he was taught many things that weren't true but when he discovered the truth about God and Jesus Christ it was a very exciting time for him. It was so exciting he could not keep this amazing truth to himself - he just had to tell other people. God helped John Calvin to teach the truth. He was one of the men who started what we now call the Reformation.

Catherine Mackenzie, in her signature style, beautifully and simply tells biographical stories of notable servants of Christ, effectively pointing children to Christ in the detail.

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