9781845504809-Teaching Matthew: Unlocking the Gospel of Matthew for the Bible Teacher-Jackman, David

Teaching Matthew: Unlocking the Gospel of Matthew for the Bible Teacher

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Jackman, David | Christian Focus


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Matthew's Gospel is a substantial book to consider teaching through - its large sections of teaching and theological reflection seeming to predominate over the 'action' of the story. It also excels as a way of explaining the message of the New Testament gospel, emphasising a sense of its continuity with the whole Old Testament, and the fulfilment of God's covenant promises in Jesus Christ.

This commentary is not an exhaustive exposition of the Gospel. The major focus is on Matthew's five great teaching sections. It is not intended to take the place of commentaries but complement them, as few seem to be written with the sermon as the point of reference that is being worked towards. It aims to help the Bible teacher find a way into the text that will enable him to use it for its given purpose to be proclaimed as the living word of God.

"The Teaching series is a great resource for Bible study leaders and pastors, indeed for any Christian who wants to understand their Bible better."?
- Mark Dever, Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church and President, 9Marks.org, Washington, DC

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