9781845504434-My Friend Is Struggling with Past Sexual Abuse-McDowell, Josh

My Friend Is Struggling with Past Sexual Abuse

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McDowell, Josh | CF4K


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Fourteen-year-old Ann Cassidy is struggling with her past. She has a secret that she has kept for a long time - a secret not even her parents are aware of. Ann's friend Heather has a hunch that something isn't right - Ann's nightmares are evidence of that. Heather doesn't know what to do when Ann tells her friend about the years of sexual abuse she has suffered.

Through the aid of a heart breaking true-to-life story, Josh McDowell and Ed Stewart offer biblical insights and practical instruction on what your friends can do to resolve past sexual abuse in their lives. Though more importantly, you will discover how to become a true source of encouragement and support to them during their struggle.

If you are that person who is facing abuse, you will learn how to face the issues of false guilt, shame and helplessness and discover your self-respect once more. However, more than that, you will discover how to experience the comfort, encouragement and support you need from both God and your friends.

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