9781845504366-Praying the Saviour's Way: Let Jesus' Prayer Reshape Your Prayer Life-Thomas, Derek

Praying the Saviour's Way: Let Jesus' Prayer Reshape Your Prayer Life

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Thomas, Derek | Christian Focus


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Even in today's post-Christian society, the Lord's Prayer remains widely known. Its beauty is that it can be understood by a child, but has tremendously profound lessons for those of us who investigate it more deeply. However, our tendency is to allow familiarity to breed complacency. We can repeat the Lord's Prayer verbatim, but do we ponder its message and follow its example?

"Professor Thomas has given us an insightful and inspiring look at the Lord's Prayer. The church has always returned to Christ's instruction on prayer to form prayers that are pleasing to God. In our day when new forms of spirituality are appearing all around us, we need to return once again."
- Richard Pratt, President, Third Millenium Ministries, Orlando, Florida

"Instructive, practical, readable, challenging. Each chapter will make you eager for the next course. Nourishing fare indeed!"
- Sinclair B. Ferguson, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina

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