9781845503475-Teaching 1 Peter: Unlocking the Book of 1 Peter for the Bible Teacher-Macleay, Angus

Teaching 1 Peter: Unlocking the Book of 1 Peter for the Bible Teacher

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Macleay, Angus | Christian Focus


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There are commentaries and there are books on preaching - but very few books that combine elements of both to enable the preacher or Bible teacher to prepare and present a series on specific sections of scripture.

This book looks at the first letter from the Apostle Peter to a primarily Gentile audience scattered around Asia Minor. Angus Macleay enables the group leader to explain the context of this letter and its relevance to a contemporary setting and to apply practical theology to specific situations that affect the church today.

Whilst very useful for preachers, this book is also aimed at enabling youth workers and small group study leaders to have the confidence they need to teach Biblical principles and doctrine.

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