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Trailblazers: America's Genius: Jonathan Edwards

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Jonathan Edwards was an ordinary American boy; but he was also different. The country he lived in wasn't the America of today - but a new world full of adventure and opportunity. Battles and Tomahawks were just some of the thrilling adventures that his family lived through.

But Jonathan also loved the small things in life too. In an age of scientific discovery, Edwards saw God's beauty displayed most perfectly through nature. His journals are filled with drawings of plants, animals and spiders because he knew that each one of them reflected the creativity of its Creator.

His mind was full of questions and he grappled for the answers. Intellectually, there were few to beat him. However it wasn't just his amazing intelligence that set him apart from other boys his age - he also had a strong desire for the things of God. His genius and abilities teamed up well with his faith and love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

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