9781845502843-Risking the Truth: Handling Error in the Church-Downes, Martin

Risking the Truth: Handling Error in the Church

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Downes, Martin | Christian Focus


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This book is a collection of interviews on handling truth and error in the church. Contributors reflect on this issue in relation to the minister's own life, pulpit ministry, local church leadership, bible college training, denominations, the impact of the theological college, evangelicalism, contemporary trends, history, creeds and confessions, and doctrines that are currently under attack.

The interviews are introduced by a primer on heresy and false teaching, and concluded with a chapters on why 'Being Against Heresies is not enough' and 'What really matters in ministry: directives for church leaders in Acts 20.'

"I wasn't sure what to expect from Risking the Truth: Handling Error in the Church but Martin Downes' collection of interviews proved to be a wise and insightful read... there is a remarkable similarity in the general approach to truth and error given by these men: preach the Bible, don't neglect your own heart, don't spend all your time on controversy, test your theology against historic creeds and confessions, beware of pride. I really enjoyed this book."?
- Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor, University Reformed Church. East Lansing, Michigan

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