9781845502683-FOTB Deuteronomy: The Commands of a Covenant God-Harman, Allan

FOTB Deuteronomy: The Commands of a Covenant God

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Harman, Allan | Christian Focus


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Deuteronomy' is a misnomer, as it means 'the second law'. The name is taken from Deuteronomy 17:18 where the expression really means having a copy of the law. Deuteronomy is therefore not a second, different, law but a renewal of the covenant made on Mount Sinai. For a people on the brink of entering their promised land Deuteronomy confirmed God's gracious promises as they prepared for new horizons and adventures: Allan Harman shows the covenant structure of Deuteronomy throughout its 5 key sections: 1.Historical introduction 2.The Foundation of the Covenant Relationship 3.The Exposition of Ten Commandments 4.The Re-affirmation of the Covenant and 5.The Continuation of the Covenant

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