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Bible Detectives Puzzle Book: Exodus

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Woodman, Ros | CF4K


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What is the book of Exodus about? What does God have to say about Pharaoh, the land of Egypt and the Israelite Slaves? Who was Moses? What did Miriam do? What happened at the Red Sea?

The Bible Detectives, Harry, Jess and Click the mouse are on the case... but they need your help! Are you ready? With the help of their computer, faxes and modems the Bible Detectives are ready to get to grips with this mystery... but there is one important piece of equipment they need. God's Word - The Bible.

Help them to zone in on the answers, flick through the data and follow up the clues. Meet Jochabed who hid her child in a basket, Aaron who had a rod that budded, Moses who received the Ten Commandments from God himself and Joshua who was a spy and then became a leader.

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