9781845500627-My Beloved Russia: A Story of God's Love for a Persecuted People-Mustafin, Dimitry

My Beloved Russia: A Story of God's Love for a Persecuted People

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Mustafin, Dimitry | Christian Focus


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Whatever an atheistic state plans, a higher power breaks the chains. Dimitry Mustafin, a Professor of Inorganic Chemistry in Moscow, was given permission by the Soviet Government to work for a year in Italy - although his wife and daughter were not allowed to go in case they all defected.

Dimitry became a Christian in Milan. When he told his mother of his conversion, he learned for the first time that his grandfather had been martyred for his faith. Defection was far from his mind; instead he longed to take the gospel to his Motherland. He left Russia a Lieutenant in the Soviet Chemical Defence Army and returned... a Bible Smuggler!

Since then, Dimitry has spent his time distributing Bibles in Moscow and other parts of Russia - and sharing his faith in every way possible. Gideons International heard of what he and others in his congregation were doing, and they now supply Scriptures, not secretly, one at a time, but by the lorry-load. Dimitry tells his story with heart-rending honesty. You will never forget his story.

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