9781845500375-Unexpected Jesus, The: The Truth Behind His Biblical Names-Sproul, R. C.

Unexpected Jesus, The: The Truth Behind His Biblical Names

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Sproul, R. C. | Christian Focus


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Christ is the most significant person who ever lived. He is a man who evokes the widest polarisation of opinion of any historical figure: devotion from some, vitriolic abuse by others and astonishing indifference from many. Today most people just don't know who he really was, or is, or don't care. People still put forward all kinds of ideas about who he was.

Those for and against have often resorted to name-calling, but in the Bible Jesus was both called by, and gave himself, unusual names. Noted theologian, R.C. Sproul, seeks to enlighten us by investigating what those names actually mean and how they show us what Jesus set out to do.

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