9781845500351-Lightkeepers: Ten Boys Who Didn't Give in-Howat, Irene

Lightkeepers: Ten Boys Who Didn't Give in

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Howat, Irene | CF4K


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These ten boys grew up to become men who didn't give in. Living as a Christian for them was difficult but they chose to do the right thing instead of the easy thing. Would you give in or would you resist?

- Polycarp was freed from slavery but then gave up his freedom for Christ
- Alban was in danger from Roman soldiers but still would not bow down to their gods
- John Oldcastle's home was a hiding place, but he would not hide his faith
- Cranmer was afraid of death but ended up showing courage
- George Wishart was thrown in prison but kept on preaching about Jesus
- James Chalmers brought the Bible to cannibals whatever the dangers
- Dietrich Bonhoffer lived when people were frightened of speaking out but he would not be silent
- Nate Saint flew into danger but knew it was worth it
- Ivan Moiseyev obeyed his commanders but still put God first
- Graham Staines lived to help leprosy patients, but died because he loved Jesus.

In a world where we give in too easily - be inspired by those who didn't!

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